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The Pure Tone Mono Output jacks is a perfect upgrade for the standard Switchcraft output jack as found in most guitars. Dual contact points on grounds and hot tips secure a more stable connection.
Flexible file coated with 3 different grits of Micro-Mesh: 2400, 4000 and 12000. Perfect for polishing spot repairs and drop fills.
9 sheets of Micro Mesh in grits ranging from 1500 to 12000. Each sheet is 15 x 7.5 cm and can last up to 15 times longer than regular sandpaper.
Electric Guitar & Bass Making & Marketing by Leo Lospennato is the only book on guitarbuilding and marketing. So, if you are planning to sell your handmade guitars and basses Electric Guitar & Bass Making & Marketing is a must-read.
Full-size Fender Jazz Bass Blueprint. This blueprint contains a fully dimensioned full scale overview of a Fender 4-string Jazzbass including contours and dimensions. Use this blueprint as a reference to build your own jazzbass.
Reamer for bridge pin holes for acoustic guitar bridges.
Jescar 55090 fretwire in 2 foot straight lenghts. To (re)fret a 22 fret guitar you will need 3 lengths on average. Jescar 55090 resembles Dunlop 6105.
Jescar 57710 fretwire in 2 foot straight lenghts. To (re)fret a 22 fret guitar you will need 3 lengths on average. Jescar 57710 resembles Dunlop 6100.
Jescar 43080 fretwire in a 25 piece set, enough to (re)fret a guitar or bass. The frets are pre-bent to a 10 inch radius. Each fret is 69,85mm / 2,75 inch long.
The Hosco fret puller is a professional tool for removing frets from a fretboard. Quality pliers made in Japan.



.022μF Orange Drop Capacitors are well-known guitar capacitors used in many high-end guitars with humbuckers.
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