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Shellac Super Blonde

Shellac Super Blonde

Shellac Super Blonde Dewaxed flakes. 200 Gram can.
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Finishing your guitar with shellac is a traditional finishing method often used on spanish-, acoustic- and archtop guitars but can also be used on electric guitars.

Shellac is a product made from the resin secreted by the lac beetle. This insect is mostly found in India and Thailand. The resin produced by these insects is made into shellac flakes. Shellac was introduced in Europe in the 18th century. Since 1800 shellac was used in France to finish wood (French Polishing).

Shellac protects wood and brings out the natural beauty of figured woods. Shellac flakes are mixed with alcohol and applied with a polishing cloth. When applied in thin layers the alcohol will evaporate leaving a thin film of shellac. 

Pumice is available for traditional porefilling. Shellac is available in Super Blonde and Lemon.

Products specifications
Products specifications
Brand NitorLACK
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Pumice powder can be used as a very fine abrasive to fill pores in wood. It is often used as a filler when finishing with shellac. 250 gram can.

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Shellac Super Blonde Dewaxed flakes. 200 Gram can.
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