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Nitrocellulose Lacquer

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Why use GuitarSupplies' nitrocellulose lacquer?

  • Nitrolacquer made from the original DuPont recipes
  • Professional, high quality nitrocellulose lacquer
  • Adjustable nozzle for an even coverage under all angles
  • Easy to use and work with
  • Always fresh lacquer of consistent quality
  • Our primer, colour and tranparent lacquer are matched for perfect adhesion and a professional finish.


Nitrolak Fiesta Red. Spuitbus van 400ml.
Nitrolak Surf Green. Spuitbus van 400ml.
Nitrolak Sonic Blue. Spuitbus van 400ml.
Nitrolak Daphne Blue. Spuitbus van 400ml.
Nitrolak Pelham Blue. Spuitbus van 400ml.
Black nitrocellulose lacquer in a 400ml spraycan. Enough to finish a stratocaster body. For larger bodies like precision or jazzbass bodies you will need to cans.
Butterscotch See-Through Nitrolakcellulose lak in spuitbus van 400ml. Genoeg om een stratbody te spuiten.
Nitrolak Shell Pink. Spuitbus van 400ml.
Nitrolakcelluloselak Graffiti Yellow. Spuitbus van 400ml.
Nitrolakcelluloselak Capri Orange. Spuitbus van 400ml.
Spuitbus Celluloselak grondlak wit. Spuitbus van 400ml.
Spuitbus Celluloselak grondlak grijs. Spuitbus van 400ml.
Spuitbus Celluloselak transparant mat. Spuitbus van 400ml.
Spuitbus Clear Nitrolak Sanding Sealer. Spuitbus van 400ml.
1 liter Nitrolak thinner geschikt voor de verdunning van onze Nitrolakcelluloselakken.
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