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GluBoost is a serie of products for woodfinishing and (finish)repair that with the proper use will result in perfect results. A major component is GluDry: the accelarator that will cure GluBoost Fill 'n Finish and GluBoost MasterGlu fast and without blooming that are common with other CA Glues. Using GluBoost GluDry makes working with GluBoost faster and provides better results.

GluBoost MasterGlu is the superglue from GluBoost. Available in  "Thin" and "Ultra Thin" and perfect for woodrepair purposes.

GluBoost Fill 'n Finish and GluBoost Fill 'n Finish thin are perfect for finisg voor finish repairs, as a porefiller and even as a finish. Add GluBoost Mastertint to the mix and you will have a colormatching system at your disposal for executing alsmost any finish repair to perfection.

6 products
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GluBoost Fill 'n Finish is a versatile GluBoost product and can be used for ding repair, as a porefiller or as wood finish.
Gluboost Fill 'n Finish Thin is the water thin version of Gluboost Fill 'n Finish which makes it perfect for crack repairs en (re-)glueing inlays.
GluBoost Fill 'n Finish Black is a semi-transparant Fill 'n Finish whiich makes it perfect for repair of black finished and for (re)glueing inlays in ebony fretboards.
GuBoost MasterGlu Thin is a transparant CA Glue for finish repair (dings, cracks) and other repairs in need of a strong and transparent glue joint.
GluBoost MasterGlu Ultra Thin is a water thin CA Glue that wicks in easily for superstrong glue joints on hard to reach places.
GluBoost Glu Dry is a "non-blushing" accelerator for CA Glues (superglue).
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