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You can never have too many guitars. The same goes for guitar building books. Here you will find a nice collection of books on guitar building, maintenance and repair. New books will be added when they become available.

Fretwork Step by Step is probably the standard work on the subject of fretting and refretting guitars. Written by Dan Erlewine en Erick Coleman. This is the updated second edition.
Guitar Finishing Step by Step is for everyone looking to learn how to give your guitar or bass a professional nitrocellulose finish. This is the second revised edition written by Dan Erlewine and Don MacRostie
Doug Redler worked as a guitartech for Rich Robinson (Black Crowes), Paul Simon, B-52's and Peter Gabriel. In Guitarist's Guide to Maintenance & Repair Redlers offers practical tips and tricks from his 30 plus years of experience on the road. These tips will help you keep your guitars in great condition.
Electric Guitar & Bass Making & Marketing by Leo Lospennato is the only book on guitarbuilding and marketing. So, if you are planning to sell your handmade guitars and basses Electric Guitar & Bass Making & Marketing is a must-read.
Making An Archtop Guitar by Robbert Benedetto is he definitive work on the design and construction of an acoustic archtop guitar, this updated second edition features 288 pages of content, including 24 color pages and 4 tear-outs.
The Art Of Lutherie offers a glimpse into the mind and craft of luthier Tom Bills, whom many consider to be one of the most talented luthiers today. In this beautifully written and enjoyable read, Tom elegantly and clearly shares his best-kept secrets and methods of custom guitar making - those which make his guitars favorites among top collectors and players.
Pickups, windings and magnets... and the guitar became electric by Mario Milan.

At GuitarSupplies, we love guitar building books!

YouTube is a huge source for guitarbuilding but sometimes an old fashion book is even better. We have put together a nice selection of book on how to build and repair guitars as well as on guitar maitenance and electronics.


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