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Fretting & Set-up Tools

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Met de fretrocker heb je die hoge fret zo gevonden of controleer je je fretwerk na een vlakbeurt of refret. Gemaakt van 2.8mm roestvrij staal en afgewerkt met een satin finish.
String Spreaders zijn erg handig voor als je tijdelijk even de snaren uit de weg wilt hebben om bij de frets of topkam te komen zonder dat je de snaren helemaal van de gitaar hoeft te halen.
Met deze twee-delige radius gauge set vind je snel de radius van een fretboard of brug.
The Bridge Pin Puller makes removing the bridge pins from your acoustic guitar simple and easy without the risk of damaging your guitar.
The Big Rock Knob Puller allows you to safely remove the plastic guitar knobs from your guitar without damaging the potmeter, pickguard or finish.
Telescopic inspection mirror for inspecting the inside of acoustic guitars and archtops.
Wrench to tighten the nut of a 3-way toggle switch as commonly found on les paul type guitars.
Set of 20 Feel Gauges that can be used to precisely measure neck relief and as a depth stop when filing nut slots.
This Fret Bender makes bending frets and fretwire quick and easy.
Extra wide version of the under string radius gauges set. The set comes in 9 gauges ranging from 7,25 inch to 20 inch. This extra wide set is suitable for 5- and 6 string basses as well as 7- and 8-string guitars.
When you own multiple guitars (and who doesn't) changing strings can be a bit of a drag. Especially when its been done by using a manual stringwinder.

You can speed things up considerably by using the drill bit stringwinder made by D'Addario. So you will have more time to play guitar.
Standard Hosco single cut fret leveling file. Quality file made in Japan.
Hosco Twin Hammer for fret work. This hammer is double-sided with a hard nylon side and a metal side. Quality tool made in Japan.
The Hosco fret puller is a professional tool for removing frets from a fretboard. Quality pliers made in Japan.
Hosco Fret Tang for cutting fretwire to length and for flush trimming after the new frets are installed. Japanese quality tool made by Hosco.
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