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Allparts version of the infamous Leo Quan Badass Bassbridge. This is the "drop-in" upgrade for Fender Jazz- and Precisionbasses. This Omega Badass II basbrug weighs about 300gr.
Solder Lug Washers to be used for grounding the potmeters in your guitar or bass. Set of 8.
Soldering iron in one hand, solder in the other and parts that you'd also like to hold. This is were the helping hand with magnifier comes in handy.
Tack Cloths are coated with a special, sticky resin. The resin doesn’t transfer off the cloth but when you wipe it across a surface it removes the fine dust particles that remain after sanding and which can have a detrimental effect on the final finish.
The CTS 500K audio pot met DPDT push/pull switch adds lots of possibilities to your guitar without the need of drilling a hole for an extra switch.
The Pure Tone Mono Output jacks is a perfect upgrade for the standard Switchcraft output jack as found in most guitars. Dual contact points on grounds and hot tips secure a more stable connection.
Quality drillbit made and sharpened in Austria by Fish. For drilling 3mm inlay holes.
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