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Joe Barden Vintage Style Bridge for Telecaster

Joe Barden Vintage Style Bridge for Telecaster

Joe Barden Vintage Telecaster bridge with compensated brass saddles. Nickel plated.
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The Joe Barden Vintage Telecaster bridge is designed by Joe Barden and Danny Gatton. This telecaster bridge is an improved version of the original Fender design. It solves intonation problems often experienced with 3 saddle bridges.

The Joe Barden Telecaster bridge is made of the same material as the original only slightly thicker. By using the original material the vintage Tele tone is preserved.

Another design feauture of this bridge is the so called "scoop' on the treble side. This scoop is Danny Gatton's idea and prevent you from hitting the edge of the bridge while playing.

This bridge has two optional attachment holes on the front which enables you to mount the bridge to the body on all four corners.

Joe Barden Vintage Telecasterbrug specs:

  • 2 3/16 inch string spacing (55.56mm)
  • compensated brass saddles
  • nickel plated
  • mounting screws included
Products specifications
Products specifications
Product numbers
GTIN GS-350046
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