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Upgrading the electronics of your electic guitar of bass with quality parts is a great way to improve your sound. Below you will find switches, wire, capacitors, pots and lots more. Everything you need to upgrade the electronics in your guitar.

220pF keramische condensator voor 'treble-bleed' mods.
.022μF Orange Drop Capacitors are well-known guitar capacitors used in many high-end guitars with humbuckers.
Switchcraft Type 12A Littel-Jax shorting type phone jack. The switched terminal is normally closed and is usually connected to ground to eliminate hum when unplugged. Includes nut and washer

Upgrading or replacing guitar electronics

The electronics in budget guitars often leave a lot to wish for. Pots start to crackle, swithces stop working or the output jack comes loose. Sounds familiar? Then this might be a good time to replace some vital electronics in your guitar and upgrade them with quality parts from brands like CTS and Switchcraft.

If you use your guitar extensively the electronic parts with a mechanical component (pots and switches) will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Sometimes all it takes is just a little contact cleaner but if that does not help you will need to replace some parts.

If you are not comftable doing this yourself take your guitar to your local guitar repair person or luthier.

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