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RS Guitarcap® 47nf

RS Guitarcap® 47nf

RS Guitarcap® 47nf

Artikelcode: GS-170417

RS GuitarCaps® are the first caps designed specifically for the electric guitar rather than general electronics use. For this reason the caps are made to be 100% transparent to let every bit of your guitar's natural tone shine through. This will give you dynamics you have never heard before while still giving you that special "Woman Tone", but without ever losing clarity or getting muddy. The best part is, unlike all the other high end audio caps on the market, these caps are 100 volt so they are very small. This makes installation simple even in the tightest control cavity. Each cap undergoes the tightest testing by RS to insure the tolerance is always 5% +/- so you will never receive a cap that doesn't work perfectly. On top of that they are made in the USA to the tightest specs that are set by RS. Sold as a single capacitor.  

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