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Kinman Woodstock set

Kinman Woodstock set

Kinman Woodstock set

Artikelcode: GS-160083

CAUTION: If you want a Strat on steroids with heaps of punch, heaps of dynamic range, aggressive attitude and an exciting feel with a huge sound, then look no further than the 2nd generation of my Woodstock's (revised in late 2001). A Stratocaster* equipped with a set of these will stand it's ground against a Les Paul, and will make less hum.

Named for the Woodstock era (not just for Jimi), my Woodstock sets are very powerful and dynamic pickups that pack such a wallop that they may require a little experimentation in height adjustment to tame the performance to what you are accustomed to with regular single coils. They overload the front end of an amp easily. Turning the volume control down a tad [with my bypass filter fitted] sweetens the sound up nicely.

This set has a big powerful darker sound and features aggressive, fast semi-aged attack and superb dynamic response. Accenting the dynamic, extremely fluid and super responsive feel of one of the great inspirational Stratocaster* masters of all time. Bright and bold, extremely responsive with loads of feel and punch. It's almost too easy not to sound polite with this set. Retains remarkable definition, clarity and presence under heavy overdrive. These pickups behave and sound better than most all Strat pickups when cranked. The non-wound strings are unusually powerful. Perhaps surprisingly switch positions 2 and 4 produce recognozable Knopfleresque quack sounds.

These Woodstock's make it easy to sound more like Jimi than Jimi himself did, and you won't have to use a curly cord to get his sound. These are a Strat Virtuoso's delight and packs such a wallop your playing will project with a voice of authority. If you own a Fender with stock pickups you are in for a REALLY BIG surpise. Les Pauls move over.

The AVn-69's are great for matching bridge humbuckers both in terms of sound character and output. No regular Alnico Strat pickup comes close. Combining these with a humbucker works best in my (SS+H) NoSoldering Harness designed to automatically adjust the pot load according to pickup selected. 250K for single coils and 500K for humbucker, and it doesn't require separate pots. One more innovation from Kinman.

With the Woodstocks being such high output you can play clean and sweet with the volume set to 7 or 8 and turn up to 10 to get instant boost for crunch n overdrive.
This set is a 'Charicature' (magnification) of semi-aged Alnico Strat* tone that's especially suitable for Hendrix, Richie Blackmore (Machine Head) etc. Some players will find these too strong and aggressive for Jazz.

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