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Kinman Woodstock Plus set

Kinman Woodstock Plus set

Kinman Woodstock Plus set

Article code: GS-160084

Some players have asked for a fatter, hotter bridge pickup for the Woodstock set, one that has more output. Well here it is. As far as Alnico Strat* pickups go the Hx-85 bridge pickup packs a real wallop and is heading in the direction of a P-90 but retains the unmistakably characteristics of a Fender genre single coil. (hence the designation of 85, Hx means hum cancelling, 85 being just short of 90). It has a fatter, thicker tone with thumping attack and output to better match the high output AVn-69 neck pickup. Position 2 (bridge + middle) is unexpectedly delightful with unusually high amount of chime. My most powerful pickup for Stratocaster*, the Hx-85, measures 9.6K Ohms and has 4.3 Henrys of other words it's an awesome beast that growls like...err...a tiger.

CAUTION: The Woodstock series are quite powerful pickups that drive amps hard, they may require a different picking technique and some experimentation with pickup adjustment to get the performance you are accustomed to with regular single coils. Turning the volume control down a tad [with my bypass filter fitted] sweetens the sound up nicely. With the Woodstocks being such high output you can play clean and sweet with the volume set to 7 or 8 and turn up to 10 to get instant boost for crunch n overdrive.

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