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Kinman Traditional Mk3 set

Kinman Traditional Mk3 set

Kinman Traditional Mk3 set

Article code: GS-160081

Introduced in March 2004. The previous Traditional set has been discontinued as of March 2004, this Mk-II set is a different animal. The only similarity is the name.

What makes this set so very different from other noiseless pickups is there is nothing missing from the upper frequencies, the non-wound (plain) strings are alive and fluid feeing with the classic tinkly, shimmering quality of extremely nice Strat pickups, never harsh or dominating. Position 2 and 4 have great Knopfleresque 'quak' sounds.

Many genuine old (aged) vintage Strat pickups are feeble, weak and dull and have lost 'the' Fender sound due to excessive aging. Now imagine a great vintage Strat* sound from yesteryear before things went downhill. This set articulates the best characeristics of those clean sounds made by the best mystical old 50's pickups. Sparkly sweet and classic with a somewhat aggressive attitude (but no Icepick). And thanks to the low strength magnets you'll get more sustain and much better behaved distortion that retains definition and clarity.

The best old Strat pickups were not scooped in the midrange and had wonderful Twang and Thwack factor that provided kick and punch to the sound. Those qualities elude many modern pickups. The Traditional set makes a big impact when you hear them for the first time because they capture that elusive twang and low end punch that so many hear for the first time with a Kinman Mk-II experience.

If your guitar has stock pickups you will be in for a BIG surpise. This set has superb dynamic range and will break into crunch only under heavy pick attack. A most versatile set, at home in many styles of clean and modern overdriven guitar, it's the ultimate set of Strat pickups for Surf, Jazz, Country and even for Blues.

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