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Kinman Broadcaster set

Kinman Broadcaster set

Kinman Broadcaster set

Artikelcode: GS-160086

This set replicates the exclusive Broadcaster** pickups sound of the early 1950's but without that annoying hum. Thick and focused tone with lots of drive...and they are never muddy. The prominent complex Alnico midrange makes for superb definition with satisfying 'attitude' and plenty of output that cuts effortlessly through the rest of the band (satisfaction guaranteed). This set has prominent high end shimmer and air but a more fuller bodied twang than the 60's Custom set..... and has wide dynamic range that will delight Tele players who want the extra fat tone and punch of those early Broadcasters**. The middle position of the selector switch is a uniquely Kinman tone that some players have said is to die for. My exclusive design allows me to preserve the original appearance of the bridge pickup with white string coil overlay and the neck unit with it's Nickelled cover, without sacrificing any performance or tone. It's all there in abundance with nothing missing except for the 60Hz hum, buzz and microphonic whistle.

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