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Kinman AVn-SCn

Kinman AVn-SCn

Kinman AVn-SCn

Artikelcode: GS-160091

I designed this pickup especially for the bridge position for those who like a bridge pickup that's noteicably hotter than Vintage models. It delivers very smooth and creamy distortion, either natural overdrive or through FX without loosing the edge of regular single coils. It feautres my improved magnet stagger with a low G pole which delivers very well balanced string outputs.

The NEW SCn is also teriffic for the neck and middle positions as well but it's not what I'd call a vintage sound in those position, it's more like the personification of my old 'Belltone ™' single coil from the mid 1980's. Very solid hammer-like attack, solid twang factor with prominent midrange presence, bright but not piercing trebles and rock solid bass strings response with heaps of growl when you want it.

Vintage pickups in the neck or middle position are great because they respond fast but they don't have enough fullness or output level for use at the bridge. My (Texas) Southern Cousin noiseless pickup (SCn ™) , pushes beyond the boundaries of the vintage tonal spectrum. It was specially designed to have just the right tone, attack and output level for the bridge position while retaining the essential characteristics of a regular single coil pickup.

The NEW SCn can also be used, however, for the neck (or middle) position, clean or overdriven. If you like that fat, raw and bluesy, 'direct to the amp overdrive' tone from those positions then you'll love the new SCn that is devoid of the usual nasties of hot pickups. The SCn will deliver all this, and how! It's the kind of pickup I think Stevie would have loved next to his bridge.

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