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Kinman Avn-69b

Kinman Avn-69b

Kinman Avn-69b

Artikelcode: GS-160093

Basically this is the same pickup as the AVn-69 so please read that one first. However it's made especially for the bridge position with a specially tuned magnet stagger of my unique low strength Alnico-5 magnets. The 'A' pole is compensated differently to the neck position version so as to reduce that excessive high midrange 'clang' from the 5th string. And although it is the same as the neck pickup it does not suffer from it's close proximity to the bridge in that it manages to still sound meaty and full with only a tolerable volume drop that is easily compensated for by pickup adjustment. Players are telling us that the 69b is THE BEST Alnico bridge pickup they have heard.

I think Jimi would have approved of this one and even the anal purists will embrace it. You get all the best characteristics that define the fattest and choicest sounding contemporary Strat pickups ever but without 60Hz hum and string crash (rattle and buzz). And because it packs such a wallop it is also ideal for Surf or melodic instrumental. It took years to perfect this model so I am personally very excited by this pickup. Oh, and it won't loose too many highs when overdriven and it won't break into distortion too easily....it has to be really driven into distortion.

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