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Kinman AVn-69

Kinman AVn-69

Kinman AVn-69

Artikelcode: GS-160092

Unlike my other AVn pickups this one replicates and magnifies the most desirable characteristics of the best of the late 60's Strat* single coils before they got aged. With all the Alnico midrange complexity and detail, the snap derived from ample benchmark rim shot attack, very full bodied tone (no mud) with loads of AIR and FEEL, gratifying low end thump and the meaty presence that surpasses even a truly great original '69 Strat* pickup. Imagine the best sound Jimi ever got, then magnify the best parts of it.....that's what these are all about.

Designed especially for the neck/mid positions it features snappy attack, maximum dynamic range for a very fluid response, modern and yet meaty presence and brights for authentic Strat* spit and grind and it won't loose highs excessivly when overdriving the amp.

Kinman improved stagger is standard but a more traditional magnet stagger for original Strat string balance is available. However, I have elected to use my special Alnico-5 low strength magnets to reduce string crash and buzz as well as allow extra sustain. For those that want the (neo)traditional stagger be aware it imparts a tolerable degree of icepick from the G string that Strats are reknown for.

So if you want the inspirational sound, feel and presence that surpasses the best, fattest contemporary Strat* pickup you've ever heard (or haven't heard yet), with all it's loveable character except 60Hz hum and string crash, then this is THE one. Because it packs such a wallop it is also ideal for Surf or melodic instrumental. This is a very exciting pickup and breaks new ground in the development and evolution of noiseless Alnico pickups, get prepared to be tonally captivated.

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