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Kinman AVn-62

Kinman AVn-62

Kinman AVn-62

Artikelcode: GS-160089

This slightly muscular vintage pickup has more midrange coloration and less treble and bass than my '56 and, because it's slightly louder than a stock Strat single coil, and has a fatter tone than my '56; it's great for Texas blues.

You'll love the boxing glove attack and explosive low-note growl factor; but it loses that nasty, jagged ice-pick-in-the-ear character that makes your ears hurt while the bass has an understated classic vintage warmth. It has quite a responsive feel. Gives a Maple neck Strat the tonal flavour of a Roseboard. I

t doesn't matter if your playing style is slow and soulful, fast and furious, bluesy, rock or virtuoso, the AVn-62 will satisfy the most demanding overdrive players. Caress the strings softly for sensitivity or dig in for an all out crescendo without excessive mush, it's the sort of pickup Stevie would have liked in the neck and middle positions. The AVn-62 is very responsive, exciting and which many believe is The Ultimate Vintage (neck/middle) Pickup for blues!!

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