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Kinman Avn-60n

Kinman Avn-60n

Kinman Avn-60n

Artikelcode: GS-160098

There are 2 best part of this pickup, the first is the sound with wonderful Strat-like snap, clean crisp highs, hollow-ish mids and beautifully rounded lows than can also twang and grind when diggin in with the pick. Although it's very Strat like in sound it retains that unmistakable Telecaster charisma and tonal flavour.

The next best part is the complex midrange detail that comes form the 6 special Alnico rod magnets. This make for an interesting sound that is so captivating and enthralling. My special low strength Alnico-5 magnets impart a special quality making the sound remarkably full, but never muddy.

And because the sound is brighter and louder than the original it's also great for mixing with the bridge pickup, which is where the original didn't exactly shine. To kill the hum without killing the tone and preserve the original appearance has taken nothing less than a technological revolution.

Another terrific improvement is that the string outputs are fully balanced. I have recently deleted the flat (non staggered) because the new generation Tele pickups do not require a special flat pole setting for flatter or compound radius fretboards.

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