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Kinman Avn-60b

Kinman Avn-60b

Kinman Avn-60b

Artikelcode: GS-160097

Hard hitting, tightly focused, twangy, classic Tele* tone that's never harsh. The very definition of Telecaster* tone is captured in this fabulous pickup. Outwardly it even looks exactly like the original, with black string coil-wrap and 6 Alnico rod magnets.

These Alnico magnets impart an interesting midrange complexity/detail character into the tone that is more noticeable than regular Alnico single coils, the result is more fullness and girth to the sound, it's fat without being muddy. The twang has to be heard to be believed and the highs are so sweet it's like being in Tele heaven (nicely balanced high end shimmer and sparkle, no harsh Ice pick).

Dynamic range is perfectly balanced for maximum expression and the midrange growl stays focused and clean even when pushed hard; so players who like distortion (crunch) will need to set their amps to overdrive or get one of my AVn-48b (or a distortion Fx unit). This is what Tele* players all over the world have been eagerly waiting for; well the waiting is finally over.

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