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Kinman Avn-48b

Kinman Avn-48b

Kinman Avn-48b

Article code: GS-160095

We designed this one to retain the stock appearance with the traditional Nickeled cover but to sound like an original Tele* neck pickup with the metal cover removed. With this pickup you get more snap and sparkle, increased presence, bright twang and increased dynamic range and output than a regular Tele neck pickup with a cover on, this little beauty sparkles and breathes like no Tele* neck pickup (with a cover on) ever did before, in fact it's reminiscent of a great Strat pickup. It has MAGIC imparted from the 6 Alnico rod magnets that yield a delightfully captivating midrange character. This complexity of tone sets Alnico pickups apart from alternate magnet designs, which sound a little on the empty/bland side by comparison.

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