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Kinman 60's Custom Tele set

Kinman 60's Custom Tele set

Kinman 60's Custom Tele set

Article code: GS-160087

This set replicates our favorite Tele* tone, the 1960's white-edgebound Custom with single coils. This set is brighter than the Broadcasters but never thin, and has classic Tele focus, twang, dynamics and high end chime. Great for chickin pickin country lead or any other classic Tele style. The middle position of the switch sounds better than with original Telecaster pickups.

Think of the very best Telecaster tone that you can remember; well this set has more body/girth/fullness (never thin or excessively bright) but is not muddy It has very nice complex Alnico midrange detail.... and it has almost zero 60Hz hum and zero microphonic whistle. Another feature players will be delighted with is the superb string output balance. Even the appearance of the original Tele pickups has been retained, the bridge unit has the black string coil overlay and the neck pickup has a Nickelled cover.

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