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KA-Tweed Tone® Bridge

KA-Tweed Tone® Bridge

KA-Tweed Tone® Bridge

Article code: GS-220123

STV4B ; ALNICO/D.C. =7.8K - A request from Strat players who wanted the power of our "Kent Specials" but with a mellower vintage tone. Imagine an over-wound Strat&reg, pick-up that has aged and this is what you'll get. But don't take our word for it - the following is from a customer - "Installed the 'Tweedtone' bridge pickup I ordered from you into my Strat today and must say I'm highly impressed! It has as much bite as you'd hope for but also a full-bodied tone that rounds out and gives weight to the bottom-end. Frequently the bridge position on a Strat can give the impression that the sound is coming from a different guitar entirely in comparison to what you hear from the neck and middle positions. Your Tweedtone balances everything up perfectly on my guitar. Great stuff - I love it!"Includes wiring diagram, screws and springs. Bridge version.;

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