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HEXPANDER Kit PK-0440-00

HEXPANDER Kit PK-0440-00

HEXPANDER Kit PK-0440-00

Artikelcode: GS-170392

The Hexpander Modular Pre-amp features a proprietary harmonic dampening system that results in tracking that is unequalled by any other system on the market today, with responsive and accurate triggering. No more dead spots or need to slow your playing so that the system can keep up! Graph Tech's exclusive Traktion microswitch on the dual-circuit pre-amp, easily accessible beside the 12-pin output jack, allows the user to modify the tracking curve and optimize the hexaphonic output signal for their unique guitar, playing style and controller configuration for unequalled tracking accuracy and performance.
The hexaphonic output is MIDI and Virtual compatible and with its low-latency design perfectly complements today's state-of-the-art controllers such as the Roland GR33, Roland VG88 & V-Bass, Roland GI-20, Axon 100 and many more. An optional pin-seven wiring harness is available for accessing a summed piezo signal.
The GHOST Pickup System is retrofitable for most Strat® style, Tele® style, Wilkinson®, tune-o-matic, PRS®, and P/J-Bass bridges.

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