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GSP Vintage Experience set

GSP Vintage Experience set

GSP Vintage Experience set

Article code: GS-070125

GSP Vintage Experience set.

-Alnico V magnets
-Staggered pole pieces
-Formvar 42AWG wire
-6,5kOhm Neck
-6,7kOhm Middle
-6,7kOhm Bridge
-Compensated stringspacing at the neckpickup for a better 'string match'
Remark; because of the compensated polespacing you will not be able to use your existing cover on the neckpickup.

Pure vintage sound. Upgrade your guitar and open up your sound, you'll be amazed!

5 stars

€ 57.50


Number of reviews: 2
Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars | 2015-04-06 | yoel

just great

full rich tone, with plenty of low. not only great for the price, but great compare with every fender pick-ups I tried so far.