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Gotoh 510T-FE1 Cosmo Black

Gotoh 510T-FE1 Cosmo Black

Gotoh 510T-FE1 Cosmo Black

Artikelcode: GS-220142

Gotoh®, contemporary trem bridge. Block steel saddles. Two pivot post fulcrum mounting. Allen keys, screws and studs and inserts included. Please note - this tremolo bridge will retrofit a Fender American Standard Strat with a bit of modification. A small amount of finish and wood needs to be filed off the treble side of the tremolo body route to make way for the round vibrato arm mount that sits under the bridge plate. A small rasp file can be used for this, it takes about 5 minutes and does not show once the bridge has been installed. Centre to centre of post mounting - 56mm. String pitch - 10.8mm. Diameter of body fit bushes - 10mm.

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